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Story Universe is a Turn-based RPG for the PC, where the player takes control of a chosen spirit that influences events across multiple worlds.  These worlds are all different, with a unique cast of characters, themes, stories, and challenges that all link together in an overarching story about stopping universal dark entities - known as the Demiurges.    

In the Universe, a corruption has begun to spread.  The Demiurges, horrific physical manifestations of negative emotions and thoughts, are beginning to manipulate it.  Have you ever felt depressed?  The Demiurge of Depression might have a hold of you.  Ever feel cowardly?  The Demiurge of Opportunity might be strangling you.

The Astral Council watches as the corruption spreads across the worlds.  If the actions in reality - the realm you and I are in - can be swayed, the path to the Demiurges could be opened to the Council.  Alas, they are powerless to affect us.  So they form one final, dangerous plan...

They call an influential Spirit, named Xiaxen, to help with the cause.  Xiaxen can enter time periods and worlds and guide people like us on a corrected path, eventually opening a way to these horrific Demiurges - and giving our Universe a fighting chance.

  • A diverse set of themes, worlds, and characters
  • A massive OST with over 100 songs so far
  • Turn-based RPG, with everything of a character's bio as a possibility for strategy
  • 5 different worlds, all that could stand alone as their own RPGs
  • Hidden secrets for the die-hard RPG fanatics
  • Full Voice Over for all characters, battles, and events
  • Estimated game length:  40 - 50 hours

Title:  Story Universe
Developer: Corren Bros
Genre:  RPG
Quick Description:  Turn-based RPG, where the player changes the fate of different worlds to prevent the desolation of the universe.
Players:  1
Release Date:  Maybe 2021
Platforms:  Windows PC
Languages:  English
Press Contact:  correnbros@yahoo.com

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Any plans on porting to Mac?


There are plans for a Mac and Linux port.  We'll update once those become available.


Here are my thoughts so far

-space works but not enter-love voice acting
-cinematic scenes are amazing
-cool movement
-good presentation
-good tutorial screens
-great cast of characters
-good humor 
-like world
-like card combat
-feels like real cards
-title screen got me in the feels

If you like you can check out my vods below




Thanks for streaming it, Nano.  We enjoyed watching it.